Friday, May 15, 2015

Seriously.. i had try so many times to write something in here.. but i always end up deleting every words.. well it's only a few words anyway..

So i think here we goes.. another tryout..

Sitting on a bed here.. Adam besides me watching Upin Ipin for a couple of hundreds time.. there's Athea sleeping on a corner of a bed.. i hope she sleeps well tonight.. no nightmare or so on.. while i wonder what time Adam will sleeps tonight.. he just woke up from his sleep from around 5pm..

My life.. well.. i don't think much has changed ever.. still working 8 to 5.. oh but discounted on Thursday 8 to 2.30.. love it..  Work.. hmm.. much less the same old routine.. well i had only work for about 13 years.. but i'm dreading on the days to come for my retirement.. hahaha.. i hate working.. but don't worry.. i still give my 99% at works though..

There you goes.. yeay manage to write something even it's meaningless.. k bye..


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