Sunday, January 1, 2012


Ahh.. Tu dia suasana kat luar penuh dgn bunyi-bunyian mercun letup sana sini.. I think it almost 10minutes now letupan blaku.. Peoples are so happy celebrating a new coming year.. Let's just hope that we will strive for the best and live another year in barkah..

My 2011 ended up with a sad tear from my first girl, Alisyia.. Admit ward petang tadi sebab gegata yang teruk dah almost seminggu tak baik.. Dahler muka badan tangan kaki bengkak giler.. Demam panas lagi.. Gatal tergaru2 sampai tak boleh tido.. Luruh hati seorang ibu..

2011 was supposed to be a good year when after almost 6 years working my ass off here in UTM as a contract worker, alhamdulillah FINALLY dapat juga permanent.. But oh my.. 6 bloody years.. Like my former boss said, 'mahalnya rezeki awak' cause she's trying hard to help me to get the 'real' job..

Then after a week receiving an offer letter, I got a call from 'hell' haha asking why am I taking so much time to report to the new office.. Duhhhh.. I think its on 19 Oct and I told the new office that I will report my duty on 1st Nov, I'm going to take a week off day to finish my contract leaves, well only 5 days eventhough my leaves were about 14 days more.. I don't mind if the call that been made was made politely but nooooo the freaking caller raised a voice and attacking me.. Such a drama queen..

Then my week off day wasn't a relax days at all when Athea at 5 and a half month had a bad fever.. Demam panas selama seminggu tu sampai 40'c suhu badan dia.. Alhamdulillah I was on a leave.. Bawak pegi spital, doc masukkan air kat idung dia sebab kahak teball, then bagi oksigen pastu buat fisioterapi tepuk2 satu badan pastu masukkan tiub nak sedut kahak kat dalam.. Air mata ibu tak brenti mengalir..

After a week report duty kat opis baru, I started having a repeated nightmare that I had been through back in 2008.. My gallstones attacking me again, 2 or 3 nights mesti akan kena sekali untill after 3 weeks and keje sebulan at the new office, I had a worst attack and dikejarkan ke spital masuk emergency terus warded.. Seems like my gallbladder dah kena infection.. Warded for 3 days 2 nights and mc for 11 days.. I was in a worst state sampai satu tahap tinggalkan wasiat kat my danda just because I think I couldn't take it anymore.. But again Allah giving me a chance and I am still living my life happily.. Thank u Allah..

and now here I am pulak sitting here beside Alisyia ending 2011 and. welcoming 2012 in the spital.. I'm hoping that there's nothing serious and alisyia will recover soon enough.. Ikutkan doc cakap pun its not so bahaya.. Just need a bit of antibiotic..

Dear 2012, please be kind to us hehe.. Moga Allah akan memberkati hidup kami sekeluarga dan moga kami jadi insan yang lebih baik.. Amin..

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