Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sick and sad

Dah 4 ari aku terlantar kat hospital ni, nampaknya at last the gallstones dah tunjuk belang.. It stucks now at my bile duct and tak nak get out.. I didn't eat for 3 days already.. Air masuk kat badan dalam 9 botol sudah.. Once in a while aku akan kena attack kesakitan smpai short in breath then terpaksa minta injection tahan sakit..

And what's make things worse is I am pregnant.. Bukanlah pregnant perkara yang malang tetapi sekarang keadaan jadi complicated.. Esok I'm gonna have a surgery to remove my gallbladder.. Chances that the baby will survive is too little.. I just don't have any tears too cry anymore.. I am in a bad shape and getting worst.. The operation will take around 3 hours so the doctor say.. I hope me myself will survive..

Ya Allah ampunilah hambaMu yang hina ini..
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